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Kobus White

Kobus White


Bachelor of Economics Honours (University of Stellenbosch)

Kobus is passionate about Change Management and Organisational Development. He has worked in various corporations in a full-time capacity on Executive Management levels and has held several Directorships during this time. He has extensive experience in Business Consulting, Change Management and Organisational Restructuring and has been involved in organisational mergers, take-overs, acquisitions and associated organisational restructuring.

Kobus has a keen interest in Mental Health and has developed a diagnostic questionnaire in this regard with specific focus on the impact of the current pandemic on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of individuals in organisations.

He has also developed a workshop on Mental Health and is assisting various role players through this programme which pays specific attention to the development of coping mechanisms to assist individuals who are experiencing Mental Health challenges through the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques.

Kobus has an innate ability to not only provide leadership at a strategic level, but is able to focus on specific detail orientated tasks with the ability to remain principle centered. His focus on the individual has come to bear time and again.

Kobus’ specific areas of expertise include Strategic Human Resource Planning and Management, Change Management and Transformation, Organisation Development as well as Business Management and Development.