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Psycho-Legal ǀ Medico-Legal

Psycho-Legal ǀ Medico-Legal Assessments


Our consultants work within the legal arena offering forensic expertise in personal injury, road accident, medical negligence and divorce proceedings. This includes loss of income, earning potential as well as support matters.

We follow a defined process of information gathering, through interviews and psychometric assessments. Our scientific knowledge of the world-of-work, Human Resources practices as well as the requirements of the legal frameworks, ensures we provide expertise, logically and objectively in determining:

  • Employability and income scenarios if not for the injury. This includes references to increases and promotions up until retirement.
  • Employability and Loss of income scenarios due to injury.
  • Loss of Support.
  • Employability and income in Divorce cases.

Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services


We make use of Psychometric Assessment Tools with proven predictive validity and reliability and recognised by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). We ensure appropriate use of assessment tools within cross cultural contexts that are suitable for application within the diverse South African market.
All Psychometric Assessment results are interpreted by a Registered Psychologist and integrated with scientific findings, relevant theory, and professional experience in such a way to be conceptually sound, relevant and practical when reaching conclusions and making recommendations.

Our Assessment services include assessing for:

  • Accelerated Development Plans / Fast tracking programmes
  • Career Counselling
  • Career Management
  • Coaching
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Managerial and Leadership Development
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  • Succession Planning and Promotion


Whitehead Industrial Psychologists makes use of an integrated model of assessing competence, which includes the following areas:

Research Services

Research Services

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Whitehead Industrial Psychologists uses tailored research solutions, as we understand our clients research needs are unique, requiring specialised solutions. Our research capacity is uniquely positioned to provide an array of tailored research to effectively leverage individuals and organisations.

Through our extensive understanding of individuals and organisations, combined with our understanding of business practices, we are positioned to provide specialised service offerings specifically in the following areas:


Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

Understand the behaviour of your customers and consumer trends to remain competitive.
Climate Surveys

Climate Surveys

Understand your employee’s and manage your business processes more soundly in order to increase productivity in the workplace and create an effective organisational culture.
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Understand your competitors to gain a critical edge in the market.
Organisation ǀ Industry ǀ Market Research

Organisation ǀ Industry ǀ Market Research

Understand your market, industry, brand and product in order to leverage your organisation to the next level through tailored research practices.
  • Helping you put all your strategic research requirements in place

Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

“Human resources coupled with an emphasis on technology and professionalism
is the quality structure of any organisation…”

With vast experience, in Human Resource challenges, our consultants offer a wide range of services including Human Resource Management and Remuneration.

Human Resource Management

We assist clients to establish and maintain professional and sound human resource management practices, including:

  • The development and establishment of Human Resource Management functions.
  • Outsourced Human Resource Management services.
  • Facilitation of the employer – employee relationship.
  • Industrial Relations advice and support, including wage negotiations.
  • Development and implementation of HR policies and procedures.
  • Education, training and development in Human Resource Management.
  • Development of Employment Equity and Skills Development Plans.


We offer a range of remuneration services to enable our clients to manage and control salary costs realistically and effectively. Services include:

  • Job evaluation and salary structuring.
  • Salary and human resources practices surveys.
  • Executive remuneration package structuring.
  • Incentive scheme design.
  • Salary audits.

Organisational Development Services

Organisational Development Services


As Process Consultants, we work with our clients to follow a multi-disciplinary approach to analyse and identify organisational challenges and to develop interventions which result in lasting and measurable organisational impact and change.

We assist organisations to create a planned and systematic approach to enable sustained organisational performance. This is achieved through a complete organisational diagnosis and may include various action strategies and developments, such as:

  • Establishing roles and results, clarity and aligning strategic objectives of departments and business units through a strategic and systematic Change Management System.
  • Facilitating the setting of team and individual key results and objectives and includes Team effectiveness assessments.
  • Performance Appraisal and Performance Enhancement Systems which may include the development of Performance Standards (including benchmarking to world-class standards) .
  • Leadership Development in order to develop the leadership of an organisation. When required, we make use of the Leadership Circle Profile which is a competency based 360⁰ profile which assists in leveraging Managers and Leaders leadership skills to higher levels.

Through awareness of the changing environmental forces and attainment of the necessary skills, processes and techniques to successfully deal with these challenges, we have effectively assisted organisations in overcoming various challenges at all organisational levels.