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Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

“Human resources coupled with an emphasis on technology and professionalism
is the quality structure of any organisation…”

With vast experience, in Human Resource challenges, our consultants offer a wide range of services including Human Resource Management and Remuneration.

Human Resource Management

We assist clients to establish and maintain professional and sound human resource management practices, including:

  • The development and establishment of Human Resource Management functions.
  • Outsourced Human Resource Management services.
  • Facilitation of the employer – employee relationship.
  • Industrial Relations advice and support, including wage negotiations.
  • Development and implementation of HR policies and procedures.
  • Education, training and development in Human Resource Management.
  • Development of Employment Equity and Skills Development Plans.


We offer a range of remuneration services to enable our clients to manage and control salary costs realistically and effectively. Services include:

  • Job evaluation and salary structuring.
  • Salary and human resources practices surveys.
  • Executive remuneration package structuring.
  • Incentive scheme design.
  • Salary audits.