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Organisational Development Services

Organisational Development Services


As Process Consultants, we work with our clients to follow a multi-disciplinary approach to analyse and identify organisational challenges and to develop interventions which result in lasting and measurable organisational impact and change.

We assist organisations to create a planned and systematic approach to enable sustained organisational performance. This is achieved through a complete organisational diagnosis and may include various action strategies and developments, such as:

  • Establishing roles and results, clarity and aligning strategic objectives of departments and business units through a strategic and systematic Change Management System.
  • Facilitating the setting of team and individual key results and objectives and includes Team effectiveness assessments.
  • Performance Appraisal and Performance Enhancement Systems which may include the development of Performance Standards (including benchmarking to world-class standards) .
  • Leadership Development in order to develop the leadership of an organisation. When required, we make use of the Leadership Circle Profile which is a competency based 360⁰ profile which assists in leveraging Managers and Leaders leadership skills to higher levels.

Through awareness of the changing environmental forces and attainment of the necessary skills, processes and techniques to successfully deal with these challenges, we have effectively assisted organisations in overcoming various challenges at all organisational levels.