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Strategic Thinking | Strategic Results

As Industrial Psychologists with over 40 years’ National and International experience in business and forensic consulting, we are uniquely placed to provide sound professional advice through an in-depth understanding of human and organisational behaviour.

Whitehead Industrial Psychologists provide practical and sustainable business and forensic solutions through the use of strategic best practice business frameworks and organisational psychology models.

With our unique placement in the Medico-legal arena, we provide objective opinion for matters relating to loss of earnings and earning potential for the court. We offer our clients tailored Human Resources Solutions and Organisational Development Expertise in order to build individual and organisational capabilities. With our customised Psychometric services along with our sound Organisational and Market Research capabilities, Whitehead Industrial Psychologists can provide any company with an encompassing range of strategic solutions to leverage their human capital and organisations to the next level.

We adhere to our core Values and Beliefs of growing individuals, teams, leaders and organisations through our Professional Excellence practices.